Talk Therapy

ages 5+, Individuals, couples, family

We firmly believe that everyone can benefit from a listening ear from time to time.  Whether life is overwhelmingly pleasant or unpleasant, talk therapy may help. 

In talk therapy, you will join with your therapist to process events, consider situations from different perspectives, learn new skills and strategies, problem solve, and take steps to get you closer to the life you'd like to live.


New to Talk Therapy?

We know that even looking at a therapist's website is a big first step.  It takes a lot of courage to try something new and to acknowledge that there are things in your life you'd like to change.  We expect that you'd be a little nervous (or maybe a lot nervous!) when you come in for your first visit.  So, here's what you can expect:

When you arrive at either location, you will find a clipboard with some initial paperwork in the waiting room.  Please help yourself to a hot drink and start working on the forms.  Your therapist will greet you, take a copy of your insurance card, and help with any questions you may have about the paperwork.

From then on, the first session is really just a time to have a conversation, get to know each other, hear a little about the things you'd like to work on, and determine whether or not you and your therapist are a good fit.  

We know that your comfort level with your therapist is the biggest predictor of therapeutic success, and people can generally tell if it will be a good match within the first 1-2 sessions.  Rest assured, we'd rather you be with the right therapist than just keep coming to see someone who isn't the best match.  If that's not us, just let us know and we'll help you find someone else!  If it's us, great!  We look forward to deepening the therapeutic relationship and working together to get you the kind of life you deserve and desire.


Special Info for Kids & Youth

What a great investment you are making in your child's wellness and future!  We love working with children and youth and helping them set a strong foundation for who they are becoming.  There are a few unique things to keep in mind when scheduling therapy for your child.

Prior to the first session talk to your child about what to expect.  Let them know why you think it'd be helpful to check in with a therapist.  Ask if your child is interested.  Therapy is only going to be effective if your child/teen has ownership and willingness to engage in the process.

For the first session, we often allow the child or teen decide if they will come in to the room alone or have a parent with them.  Either is fine and we encourage you to support your child with whatever decision he or she is most comfortable with.  If your child is under 10, or if there are special circumstances that you'd prefer to talk openly with the therapist about without your child's ears listening in, we may schedule the initial appointment for parents alone.

Talk therapy looks a little different with kids and teens.  With younger children, we engage in a lot of play and activities and weave the therapeutic interventions into the conversations while we are playing.  The same may apply for teens, or they may prefer to simply sit and talk.  Trust that we will create the environment to be as relaxed and relationship building as possible.

Additionally, relationship building with teens and kids is crucial and more time may be spent upfront developing that relationship before pushing into "the work."  Know that this relationship development is therapeutic and essential for kids to feel comfortable opening up with more vulnerable feelings.  It is most helpful when we allow kids to open up on their terms, so we encourage you not to push them into talking about "the problem" before they are ready.

And finally, kids and teens can be taught many skills and can work through many concerns, but they cannot do it alone.  We will maintain contact with parents, while maintaining confidentiality and privacy.  Know that there may be times we encourage parents to come in alone or with their child to address new ways to support your child.  And, of course, you are always welcome to request this time on your own, too!





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