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We aim to provide people with the tools needed to live successful, balanced, and content lives.


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Living with “kids on the fringes” definitely has its ups and downs. The Fringy Bit exists to provide support, camaraderie, suggestions, and information for all of us who cling to the Fringy Bit of life. Whether you or your child is gifted, on the autism spectrum, has sensory processing disorder, or other higher needs, 2 of our therapists, Heather & Jon, will be here to provide REAL experiences, emotions, and tales that you can relate to.

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Speaking & Consult

Not within driving distance of our Western Wisconsin offices?  No worries!  We're available for remote consultation with parents, teachers, professionals, or anyone who would benefit.  

Heather also regularly travels around the country to speak at various engagements.  See the upcoming events showcased to the right, or click here to learn more.