While therapists can offer understanding and differing perspectives, sometimes there's nothing like support from someone who lives it and has experienced similar things.  Group therapy can be a fantastic way to grow, connect with others, and learn more about yourself.

Groups are forming throughout the year.  If there is a group you'd like to participate in, please complete the form below to get the intake process started.  After completing the form, you can expect to be scheduled to speak with one of the facilitating therapists for a free 30 minute phone consult and screening to make sure the group will be the right fit for you.  At that time, we'll talk about times, locations, and start dates.  We look forward to hearing from you!

Current Group Offerings:

binge eating group

This group is for adult women who would like to build alternate strategies of coping and develop a new relationship with themselves, with others, and with food.  Katie and Kimberly are the facilitating therapists.

socio-emotional group for gt adolescents

This group meets every other week and is targeted to gifted and twice exceptional adolescents ages 11-14.  The group focuses on understanding life as a gifted individual, embracing identity, developing emotion regulation strategies, mindfulness, and building interpersonal effectiveness.  Heather is the facilitating therapist.

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If you chose other, please indicate what type of group you are looking for.